You have already been able to find out the most important details about me on the startpage. If you still continue reading you are a very cool specimen of a species.

~ % whoami

In addition to the things already said, I love biology, chemistry, physics and over the years there has been developed a good relationship between mathematics and me.
I like classical philology and also like to read about societies and their cultures.

What is this blog for

This blog serves to collect information about topics that interest me.
The learning tips for some basic contents are a way for me to reproduce what I have learned a time ago and to generate - in best case - thought-provoking impulses for other interested people.
The blog is also a medium to understand and reflect my own views after a while. In the development process it can be motivating for me if I can edit myself after a more intensive examination of a subject or track a change in my point of view.
It's also a good tool to protect my beloved ones from my nerd attacks like:
"I can't wait until Texas Instruments makes the Python programming language available for the NSpire Handhelds at the end of the year - so I will be able to develop a portable calculator for the trajectory of a projectile."

What is this blog not for

  • Entries about family matters
  • Entries related to my friends, work etc.
  • Entries about my sport, traveling etc.

Isn't a blog deprecated?

Maybe it is. But I'm not a big fan of social media.
Of course I also use social media sometimes to stay in touch with my friends and enjoy their great experiences or stories with them. And of course social media is maybe not diabolical and has its good sides but you always have to remember that you generate a certain value with your data, which is monetised by the companies.
If you want to get further information maybe you will give this article a quick read.